Nestled in the heart of piedmont avenue, Lucid Skin Studio was created by Amy Crowley, a seasoned bay area esthetician who wanted to create a nurturing space where she could build lasting relationships with her clients.

Whether your goal is to combat complex skin conditions like acne or ward off signs of aging, or simply revive dull and tired skin, Lucid Skin Studio's skin health experts can design a personalized and progressive treatment process that sets you on the path to lifelong healthy skin.

Lucid Skin Studio truly strives to create a personalized experience for each individual using advanced techniques and highest quality professional products. Inspired by the philosophy of a healthy balance of science and nature as well as both cosmetically and internally, Lucid Skin Studio's level of personal care goes beyond skin treatment, as they will often recommend outside sources for herbal supplements, acupuncture and hydrotherapy to yield the best results possible.


Lucid Skin Studio is a small boutique skincare studio for those who are serious about taking care of their skin, and achieving the healthiest skin possible. We are NOT your typical spa experience... we have created a cozy, nurturing and tranquil environment where our clients receive  personalized one on one attention. We focus on bringing our clients the best quality skin care products on the market to help you achieve optimum results.



Lucid Signature Facial$100

suitable for all skin types

60 minutes 


Lucid Deluxe Facial $155

suitable for all skin types

90 minutes 



 suitable for all skin types

   75 minutes


  Maintenance Facial $90

suitable for all skin types

45 minutes 

does not include massage


lucid Teen Facial $80

ages 10-18

45 minutes 

does not include massage


Medical Grade Peels $80-$250

suitable for all skintypes

30 minutes



available with any facial service

microdermabrasion + $35

dermaplaning +  $35

ultrasound+ $20

LED light therapy + $20

oxygen treatment + $25

glycolic or lactic acid peel + $25

collagen masque + $25






If you’re fed up with your acne and have tried everything with little to no improvement you are not alone! Luckily, you are here reading this so there IS hope. You have a 95% chance to get clear using our protocol. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each person's skin needs to be treated differently and holistically, based on their specific skin type, health history and lifestyle.  Your LSS esthetician, will be your personal clear skin guide and work with you to develop a highly customized and effective acne treatment plan that will  get your skin clear once and for all.



For all new clients, Lucid Skin Studio requires an initial consultation and treatment. This allows us to identify underlying causes of your acne, create a custom regimen for you based on your skin’s needs, and begin the clearing process.


In-Depth Consultation and Skin Analysis w/ Signature clear skin treatment $125.

At your first appointment with LSS we will analyze the lifestyle factors that effect your skin such as diet, health history, and current products. You will gain knowledge on what acne is and how to control it for beautiful clear skin that stays clear. Your treatment will consist of exfoliation, extractions, and high frequency.  75-90 minutes

Lucid Skin Studios’s Signature Clear Skin/Acne treatment $80

This treatment is for existing acne clients. Your treatment is individualized and tailored to what your skin needs at the time of your service All treatments include exfoliation and extractions. The type of exfoliation we do is dependent on your skin’s needs and tolerances. Your treatment will consist of exfoliation, extractions and high frequency. 30-60 minutes


Back Treatment $70

Peel, extractions and high frequency 30-60 minutes


Face and Back treatment  $135

75-90 mins


Acne Specialists at Lucid Skin Studio will analyze your skin at the beginning of every visit to assess which treatment would serve you best, and determine what changes need to be made to your custom home care routine. Acne treatments are performed every two weeks until your skin begins to clear.  It is important that we see you every two weeks to assess your progress and adjust your home care routine. As your skin clears, time between appointments will lengthen. Most clients see amazing results in 6-12 treatments.

Once your acne is under control, you will need to maintain your home  care regimen in order to stay clear. Many of our clear clients come in for a tune up acne treatment every 4, 6, or 8 weeks to keep their skin as healthy as possible.

 Your skin will likely be a little pink and blotchy after treatments. You can not exercise or do hot yoga after a treatment. We recommend coming in 48 hours prior to any special events.

Product usage is a a big component to getting clear. In order to get clear you will need to purchase our products. We use our own product line Lucid Skin Essentials along with Lelexo and PCA Skincare. An initial set of products costs approximately $150. You will receive very detailed instructions on how to use your products and we will work very closely with you to guide you to clear skin. Compliance is key to get clear. If you follow our instructions you have a 95% chance of getting clear. If you do not comply  with our instructions you will not see the results you came in for.



If you’ve been on accutane you must wait two months before starting this program

If you are using any topical medications for your acne you will need to stop use for two weeks before starting this program

New clients must book online where a credit card is necessary to book

If you are pregnant or nursing you will need to check with your doctor before starting this program.



We encourage existing clients to use our online scheduling system to manage their appointments.

For all services, we respectfully request at least 48 notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment to avoid a 50% cancellation/rescheduling charge.




Schedule Appointments Online

Because our skin care experts handle both the day's services and emails, we highly encourage you to use our online booking system to schedule and manage your appointments. The secure online system will allow for appointments up to 24hours prior and up to 90 days in advance. For same-day bookings, or bookings more than 90 days in advance, please email us or call 510-986-4213 to inquire, and we'll do our best to get back to you in between appointments.

Receive A Confirmation Email

When booking an appointment online, make sure to complete ALL steps of the booking process, including hitting the Confirm button at the end. When you are all done, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. If you don't get an email, chances are good that something went wrong… wait a few minutes and try booking again.


Important! Arriving For Your Appointment

We are located at 4283 Piedmont Avenue Suite G1, across  the street from Shimizu Japanese restaurant. The studio is located in the garden courtyard towards the back of the building. We do not have a receptionist; for security reasons our door remains locked during sessions. If you arrive early and the door is locked, please check back at your scheduled time. We have outdoor seating  available should you arrive early and in colder weather or on rainy days we do have a waiting room available directly across the walk way. The security code to enter the waiting room will be included in your confirmation email.


Double Check Your Appointment Time and Date 

We've had a number of clients showing up on the wrong date after making arrangements for babysitters and to leave work early. Please double check the time and date on your confirmation to save yourself from this horrible frustration!


Cancel Your Appointments Online

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance at no charge. Same day cancellations will be charged for 100% of the services booked. To cancel your appointment, please follow the link at the bottom of your appointment confirmation email. If for any reason this doesn't work, email us to cancel.


Call Us About Timely Matters

If you are running late or if you are unable to make your appointment calling or texting us at 510-986-4213 is the best way to reach us. We try to return urgent calls between our sessions, but on fully-booked days, it can be very difficult. At the latest, we'll do our best to return your call by the end of the day. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!


Skin Care Products: Clean and Cruelty-Free Formulations

You want to change your skin and we want to give you the best results possible! We have thoroughly researched the skin care products we use in our facials for efficacy and quality of ingredients. Our products are extremely clean formulations and are 100% cruelty-free, synthetic-free, free of harsh preservatives and chemicals with the exception of a few of our acne products. They are also highly active, utilizing enzymes, acids and proteins that have not been heat processed. (Many skin care lines have harsh preservatives and are heat processed, which reduces their efficacy) We also select products that do not contain heavy floral scents; however, many do naturally smell fantastic!

While we have great retail products and simple skin care regiments available, we don't believe in sales pressure, and we don't push expensive skin care routines. However, we know our products produce great results and we are happy to recommend products that will improve your skin and educate you on what mistakes you may be making with your home care regimen. We recommend simple regimens that are easy for busy schedules. If we don't have exactly what we think you need, it is not uncommon for us to send you out with product recommendations of items we do not keep in stock. We often also recommend supplements that benefit skin function as well as nutrition and lifestyle tips for ultimate skin health.

You can purchase products from us during your appointment time, or you can easily order via our product page and set up a time to pick up your order. Otherwise, we'll be happy to mail products to you via USPS for a small fee, which is dependent on the size of the order.


Talk With Us During Your Facial

Before your facial, tell us about your goals for skin care so we can tailor the session to your needs.  During your facial sessions, it is your responsibility to inform us of any discomfort to avoid burning or irritating your skin. Please speak up! Peels should feel prickly and tingly, and extractions should not leave you wincing in pain. When done the correct way and with care these treatments should not only feel comfortable, but get great results.

Your Skin May Be Red Immediately After A Facial
Depending on the focus of your treatment, it's possible that your skin will become slightly red for the day. It may also peel and flake in the days following depending on what type of exfoliation techniques we use. If this concerns you please let us know when you arrive for your treatment or in the notes section of our online booking system.


Let Us Know How You Feel About Extractions

Some clients thoroughly enjoy extractions, and some can't stand them. We are usually very thorough with extractions as we believe they are the most beneficial part of the facial but we can easily tailor your appointment to your preferences. If extractions make you uncomfortable, or if you prefer that we focus on them, please let us know.



There's usually plenty of free parking nearby, or metered parking in front of the building. Parking on evenings after 5pm and on weekends, especially during drop off times for the school across the street  

(2:00-3:30pm M-F) can be more sparse... please allow yourself plenty of extra time. Street parking on Piedmont ave. is free after 6pm.

There is free two hour parking on the side streets off Piedmont avenue.

Metered parking (two hour limit) is in the front of the building. Area meter reader’s ticket aggressively, so make sure you come prepared with ample change and put plenty of time on the meter.


Evening and Weekend Appointments

Parking in our area in the evenings after 5pm and on weekends, and especially during school pick up times (2:30-4pm) can be difficult. And long commutes are unpredictable. When booking your appointment, please allow yourself plenty of extra time to arrive safely and happily. We recommend the Parkmobile parking app for easy and flexible parking options.

Evening appointments book up in advance and you may notice when trying to booking that most of these times are unavailable. Feel free to email us to make your weekend and evening appointments in advance, and/or we can place you on our cancellation list.